Japan income tax returns for foreign nationals-Something occurs to you

It is coming official season to prepare and file 2014 Japan income tax returns.

Are you ready to file your 2014 tax return with make the tax payments by due date?
The filing due date is March 16, 2015 and no extension is allowed in Japan.
Penalty and interest will be assessed for late filing if taxes are owing.

In the case where automatic bank transfer form is filed to Tax office by March 16, 2015. your national tax will be withdrawn on April 20, 2015.

Is there anything that comes to your mind regards to below ?

・The person who are wondering whether you have to file your 2014 Japan tax return
・The person who would like to know how to assess Japan tax in Japan
・The person who are looking for the Japan tax adviser in Japan
・The person who have to file Japan and US tax returns
・The person who received the income from outside Japan
・The person who received RSU (Rstricted Stock Unit), ESPP(Employee Stock Pirchase Plan), and Stock option from outside Japan in 2014
・The person who are coming to Japan before or in 2009
・The person who paid foreign taxes in 2014
・The person who want to be free of excess burden to your tax matter

If yes, may be yes, let's just confirm tax specialists your tax filing obligation.
However where is tax adviser?

Please don't worry !!

We have ”Big 4” firm background and provide the Japan tax compliance and consulting services for foreigners and foreign companies in English and Japanese.

We are happy to support you.

Please feel free to contact Kawano C.P.A. at any time.
E-mail Address: info@kwn-cpa.com
Kawano Accounting office HP: http://www.kwn-cpa.com/

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